I'm Ross.


I.T. Systems Specialist & Cloud Architect helping people fix their broken processes with Systems, technology, leadership, and A little Rigor.


I fix problems Using technology

I help the technical and non-technical alike utilize technology to become more organized, productive, and efficient at home or at work.

I give technologists the tools to recover from years of operational & technical debt by building systems through creating or improving technical process, generating strategy, and the integration of web tools and resources. 


systems & processes

Efficient systems result from sound processes. Establishing and maintaining processes is the oil for a finely tuned system. Reduce miscommunication by compartmentalization of the steps to accomplish a task and in turn increase system efficiency.


strategy & policy

'Change is the only constant'...
While that may be true, a nice balance of structure and rigor helps keep the train on the tracks, allows for anonymity, avoids confusion, and frees up time by putting everyone on the same page. Reduce confusion by having a polished strategy and the policy to get you there. 


automation & Integration

If you do it more than once -- automate it. Sometimes much easier said than done. Why let menial tasks take up your time or resources? Remove the human element wherever you can and produce the same result every time. Start by understanding how to complete a task. Then let the task complete itself.



There are good tools & great tools -- free ones & paid ones. Knowing what to use when is the hard part. No single tool will solve all problems but by implementing systems, policy, and automation you can come up with the most affordable and easy to use solutions for what you need.

Well alright then...

That's it. My work here is done. That should be all you need to get organized at work and master technology at home.

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