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Follow me on my journey as I share tips & resources, as well as thoughts of my own about these topics while I navigate the busy life as a husband, father, and cloud architect. In my spare time I enjoy working on all things tech and research technology start-ups. I study what it takes to achieve optimal health through realistic lifestyle design. I constantly challenge myself physically, mentally & spiritually.

...and then I come here to share it all with a passion for helping you achieve your goals.

Learning and understanding the latest technology trends is an ultimate passion of mine. I spend what little me time I now have on building and learning new technologies, researching lifestyle design, and least resistance health & nutrition practices.  Assigning myself projects is the surest way of implementing and applying what I learn with the added benefit of hopefully helping people just like you.


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If there is one thing I've learned throughout my entire professional and entrepreneurial adult life, it is the value of life and opportunity I'm blessed with every single day. I strive to push myself, build things, and become better for those around me. The reality is those around me just need me to perform and be there for them and no one else. Here I share that view through my lens.