I am a technology enthusiast and founder of Tactful Cloud working to help people better understand technology and how to use it day-to-day. I provide guidance for improving technical processes, deployment, delivery, and utilization of technology at home and in organizations of any size. I focus on making life and business easier through utilizing systems, policies, and integration of different technology tools.

By day I am a cloud solutions architect, systems administrator, and 'automator' leading and influencing enterprise cloud strategy from within a small but amazing team. For over 12 years I've gained a great deal of experience in configuring and managing networks of 800+ systems.

I moonlight as a technology consultant, host a technology podcast, build/flip web & mobile apps, and design systems and processes to help others achieve success with technology.

I spend my free time building, breaking, and sharing new 'things' online. I made my first website - a Nintendo 64 cheat codes site hosted on before I was 13. Since then I have published multiple websites, web applications, hybrid mobile applications, Alexa Skills, podcasts and much more. Learning and understanding the latest technology trends is an ultimate passion of mine.

Husband & Father

Most importantly I am a husband to Kara and father to Asher & Evan. I'm not the worst at either, but I am far from the best. I strive for work/life integration, lifestyle design, health, and wellness all in the context of being a 'geek.'

In addition to technology, I have a vast interest in physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. I focus on learning anything I can implement in my life to help me become a better husband, father, and well-rounded individual. 

Everything I learn and utilize day-to-day must first have relevance to what truly matters in this life. If optimization and process improvement doesn't move the needle here, it's not worth the effort. I strive to design a lifestyle that fills the most squares with the least resistance.