Yahoo Security Breach

There is light at the end of the tunnel I promise you. However, for the next couple years yet we are all going to be stuck with having to remember a bunch of passwords for a whole plethora of accounts. Some of which we only access once or twice a year.

October is National Cyber Awareness Month and in this week's episode, I will share some tools and tips on setting great passwords, using different ones on each site, and most importantly discuss why it is so important to follow all these standards for password creation in the first place.

I GET IT. You're sick of all this security talk. Why can't companies figure it out and protect your information better? 

That is a really good question.

...and I don't have a solid answer for you. For instance, at the end of last month (Sept 22nd) Yahoo! announced that upwards of 500 million of their accounts have been stolen in a hack. The sickening part is they could have been taken 2 years ago and Yahoo! is just now announcing it.


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