Top 5 Apps for Travel

Travel can be stressful. There are hundreds of apps you could use to manage agendas, trip itineraries, and sight-seeing plans. I just spent the week in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent (more on that later) and I used 5 apps to keep my trip organized and know where I needed to go and what I should be doing for nightlife.

The 5 apps I briefly discuss are:

  1. Google Maps (Directions)
  2. Google Trips (Ticketing, Reservations, and Planning)
  3. Credntia (Identification, Rewards, Credit Cards)
  4. TickTick (Checklist, Organization)
  5. Social Location Apps (Activities, Dining, Attractions)
    1. Foursquare
    2. Swarm
    3. Yelp
    4. Trip Advisor
    5. Google Local

There are many more tools for keeping all of your travel plans organized but I find these 5 to be the best 5 by far.

What apps do you use for travel planning and enjoyment? Comment in the notes to share your travel tips and apps.


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