Technical Labor Day

No Excuses! I slacked off this week and I didn't get a full episode recorded. However, I am excited to announce that I have some great high-quality episodes in the works leading into the end of the year.

In this episode I list a dozen or so apps that I highly recommend you give a download and try out while traveling locally by car or flying somewhere as well as some apps to use while at your destination.

Getting There

- Travel by car: Waze - uses Google Maps and adds some helpful features to your travel maps, including police and accident locations as we traffic congestion and nearest gas stations

- Travel by Air: App In The Air - free app for importing your airline information. Will help you keep on time with travel updates for when you should be at the airport, checked-in, through security and boarding. Will even help you communicate and get all your text messages while traveling internationally.

- Tracking Family: Life360 - a great app to use to track family and friends temporarily while on travel. If you need to have a car in your motorcade drop off for a while, no big deal because they will be able to see where you end up during the whole duration of your trip.

One the Way

Field Trip - Learn about history and fun tips in your current location
Ingress - Pick a side and stick with them to battle around the world for property and landmarks.
Pokemon Go! - Gotta catch them all... That's all I'll say about that one.

Where to eat

Yelp - discover great locations and venues for activities, food, and drink
Swarm - Make every place you eat or visit a game and earn rewards for doing so.
Foursquare - My personal favorite. Find shops, restaurants, and venues in your location and they the best tips from those who have been there before.

Making memories

Prisma - Artificial Intelligence for your photos. Turn every photo you take on vacation into a fun work of art.
Snapchat - Use fun holiday and location filters to add some spice to sharing your fun weekend pictures with family and friends.
Google Photos - You are going to need a place to backup all the amazing photos you take so do me a favor and listen to this week's Tech Tuesday Tech Short and learn about Google Photos and why you need to be using it.



Thank you all!

For all the listens and share. Our download and listener count is on a steady incline and I owe it to all of your for your support. We do this for all of you and we can not do any of it without you. 


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