Snapchat Spectacles

Video is getting its second wind. 'Is getting' is already a little past-tense but Snapchat (or Snap Inc.) is taking it to a new level and they are doing what Google failed to do. And that makes wearable technology cool and fashionable.

I don't even have my hands on them yet and I am ridiculously impresses with the feedback and press Snapchat's Spectacles are getting. I cannot wait to get a pair of my own. It is hard to tell what I would actually use them for but I think that is the point. Getting short 10 second clips of some of the most candid moments quickly and easily opens the door for many opportunities.

Please keep posted as we find a way to get a pair quickly and affordably. 

In the meantime, I take some time this episode to challenge you to find what it is you want to do in 2017 to get yourself to a better place. Maybe you don't have something you are interested in building right now but you might know someone who is and has some questions or needs a little push. Please lead them to us. We want to do everything we can to help them get started using technology in their lives to build their business, share their thoughts, or more on their big idea.

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