8: Pay Friends and Family with a Single Click

We've all been there, having to pay someone back for that soda they bought you or for picking up the dinner tab because you actually did forget your wallet. Maybe you left it in your other purse - who knows? The fact is you owe someone money for something and you just assume get it taken care of immediately. 


...but now you don't have to worry about that any longer.

PayPal has been around for years, but most don't realize they can use it for more than just paying merchants for products online or that auction they won on eBay. Apps like PayPal have completely transformed the way person-to-person payments can be made. 

More recently apps like Venmo (venmo.com) and Square Cash - by Square (cash.me) have made it as simple as a single click to pay friends and family money right from your mobile device.

If you've never heard of those apps, or even if you have and said you've never tried something like that, there is a really good chance you already have an app capable of making these payments. That's right! If you use Facebook or Snapchat, these apps already have this feature available. You can configure a debit or credit card in the settings and now with a couple clicks, you are always able to pay that friend back to the tab they picked up.

If you are an iPhone user and have recently updated to iOS 10, there are companion apps such as Circle that will allow you send payments directly from iMessage.

Don't ever want to carry your wallet with you again? We are almost there. Now is the time to configure and start using your device's built-in payment systems such as Android Pay or Apple Pay for making simple payments at gas stations and other convenience stores. 


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