4: A Day In A Life Surrounded By Technology with Zak Fick

Zak Fick is here to talk with us about his view of what life will look like 5 to 10 years into the future. We discuss an entire day from waking up to your coffee starting, not at a scheduled time, but because you actually got out of bed; all the way to how dinner is delivered to your family at the end of the day.

EPISODE CORRECTION:  Zak graduated from the University of Sioux Falls (not the University of South Dakota as I mistakenly mention).

Episode Topics include:

  • - Having sleep statistics and daily goals displayed to you on your bathroom vanity
  • - Coffee starting based on morning movement and routine in your house 
  • - How we will commute to work and what our cars will do while we are at work
  • - We touch on how future technology will affect our everyday lives with regards to work
  • - Figuring out who (or what) is going to mow your lawn when you get home from work
  • - Having no cable but access to anything you want to watch
  • - Racing or competing with anyone you can think of for your evening workout
  • - and finally getting a break down on how you did on your goals and tasks.

Technology is already surrounding us. How are YOU using some of the technologies available to us now? What are you excited about when it comes to the future of tech in our everyday lives?

Zak wants to know what you think and you can contact him on any of the following social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZakFick

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zakfick

Twitter: @ZakFick

Website: http://helpuniversity.co

Email: zak.fick@icloud.com

Zak also provides his phone number for you to text at the end of the episode.


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