20: Simple solutions for hiring your first employee | Adam Huber

Dealing with growth in small business can sometimes be difficult. Not being able to take on more clients because you don’t have the time is a good problem to have. However, this probably means you are leaving money on the table and that it is probably time to hire on some help.

In this episode, Adam Huber of Adam Huber’s Detailing discusses how he finds tools that integrate with the existing software he uses in his business and the vetting process for selection. 

The software solutions discussed in this interview are:

  • Gusto
    • Basically your online HR department
    • Configure direct deposit
    • Configure new employees with a single email
    • Helps you save money and be confident
  • TSheets
    • Time Tracking and Scheduling
    • Track by GPS
    • Setup hourly rate

You can find Adam online sharing tips on how you can best take care of your vehicle and some of the tricks he’s learned while being in business.

Adam Huber's Detailing: 
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