15: Apps For A Great Start To A New Year

Resolutions. Goals. Plans. Routines. Whatever you want to call them, you’ve made them. If you don’t already have some tools to help you start 2017 off on the right foot, you’re in the right place.

In this episode, we talk about the dozen or so apps that I use daily to stay organized and productive as well as keep track of fitness goals.

I try not to set resolutions. I typically create goals and pursue them. In order to track progress and stay on the right path, I have a process that seems to work for me. 

Headspace & Calm - Meditation (Android & iOS)
Holy Bible - YouVersion (Android & iOS)
5 Minute Journal (iOS)

Health/Fitness (Feel free to follow me on any of these apps. Username: rosswickman):
Pillow (iOS)
Runkeeper (Android & iOS)
Strava (Android & iOS)
My Fitness Pal (Android & iOS)
Fitocracy (Android & iOS)

Todoist (Android & iOS)
Trello (Android & iOS)
Flat Tomato (iOS)
Way of Life (Android & iOS)

Quick Announcement: the day after this episode is released, we will be interview on the Sioux Empire Podcast hosted here in Sioux Falls as well. Once that episode is published I will share how to get to it.


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