I enjoy helping the technical and non-technical alike become better with technology so I host the Technically Living podcast and co-host Go Hack Something. Being a consistent blogger is tough and time-consuming. I use podcasts to record and share my thoughts on technology through audio.

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Go hack something

Hosted By: Will Bushee - Vice president of BrightPlanet, co-founder of Code Bootcamp of South Dakota, and the author of Wired for Coding.

Co-Hosted By: ME - I’m more or less a sideshow and episode engineer.

A unique podcast focusing on technology education for kids and adults. Where education and technology meet.

Our goal is to get more kids interesting in technology and show them how it get started.
Everyone can learn something from our show. Our focus is to bring inexpensive and readily available resources to educators and parents.
If educators and parents learn along the way, we've done our part.

Technically Living Podcast

A podcast for those interested in getting better at technology in their everyday life. I discuss the best web services, tools, and applications for using the web, staying secure, keeping organized, and getting ahead of the curve.

This podcast is hosted right here on RossWickman.com and can be subscribed to almost wherever you enjoy listening to podcasts.