You MUST listen to this podcasts

… or at the very least listen to the this one episode #54 Zardulu. The podcast is called @ReplyAll by @GimletMedia. “It’s a show about the Internet.” Literally.

I have a hard enough time getting my friends and family to listen to, read, follow, watch or share the things that I recommend so trying to get a complete stranger to do the same is going to be even harder. Even if you’re not interested in the happenings of the Internet, digital marketing, or social media (hard to believe if you’ve found this) this single podcast episode will give you all you need to know to better understand and leave you wanting to know more. This episode really exuberates what THE HELL is going on online.

@AGoldmund and @PJVogt are absolutely awesome together as hosts. They have fantastic puns, idioms, and wit. Their vocabulary is ridiculous and their relationship over audio is something to be admired. In this particular episode they investigate and interview some individuals involved in one of 2015’s most viral videos. What you hear in this episode is enough to make you question almost everything you see in the world today and these two gentlemen really entertain in the delivery.

Here is the episode. Please enjoy. And don’t forget to subscribe to their show.

Hopefully you listen to the episode. Now if you have and enjoyed it, here’s more amazing info if you’re interested. They actually have been together a lot longer than just this 54 episode series of ReplyAll. They used to have a podcast called TLDR that is amazing to listen to after you get caught up with ReplyAll. What’s even more interesting is if you really get into this a follow Gimlet Media you will start to see an amazing link in all of their relationships and the rest of their amazing shows.

You see I started listening to Gimlet Media before they even had a name in a podcast called StartUp back in 2014. Since then I’ve listen to every single episode of every Gimlet Media podcast. I have got to listen as they have grown and evolved to an amazing media company. If you are interested in true production quality media and want to consume amazing content and ideas, I highly recommend them all. Every last episode. These aren’t just a bunch people sitting around a microphone like the majority of podcasts.

Not just ReplyAll but listening to all of their podcast is like being halfway into season nine of Friends where they take the break for winter and you don’t really know for sure if the season is going to come back or if the series is going to end now or in the following season. ReplyAll is my favorite podcast over all. And I am subscribed to many. I listen to it immediately when it shows up in my podcast player, which is Overcast (the best Podcast player for iPhone available).

I get depressed and don’t really know what to do when I have to wait more than a week for a new episode. I even use an IFTTT recipe so I get an email and a text message whenever a new episode is released so I don’t miss a beat. I highly recommend to anybody who sees this to go out and listen to this episode. It explains so much about the Internet (while leaving SO many questions) and what’s going on in pop culture on the Internet. You definitely need listen to the YES YES NO segment at the end. If this is the first time you ever listen to this podcast it’s going to be hard to understand some of the idioms, the way they describe things and how they deliver but it is worth every minute. This isn’t like you hearing everyone say how great movie is and when you watch it, you didn’t think it was that great.

This is true digital media publishing at its finest. Enjoy.

Please let me know what you think. I’m hardly every wrong. I just need to prove that to my friends and family.

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