Why I've decided to do a podcast

I actually decided to do a podcast almost 4 years ago already but like everything else I’ve sat around and done nothing much of anything the entire time.

This isn’t uncommon for me. I’ve started (and completed) a lot of things but nothing that stuck or got to a point where I was driven to keep going. I always assumed something I was working on would lead to a need or a want and I’d be able to build something bigger (a business) out of it. 

If I have learned anything from my past failures at all, it as been that you can give up too early. There have been times that I have given up too early because I saw the market already taking advantage of a gap I saw, and there have been times when I have given up prior to getting the information I needed from the market to continue. 

My biggest failures have been starting certain things before getting any information at all and then NOT giving up quick enough.

This podcast is to prevent all of that from happening again. For over 10 years I have been getting paid from people based on their lack of technical competency. However, I have never fully engaged the concept of technology consulting because in the big picture it is hard to charge (or get paid for) what people really need for services. Most simply do not think they need the help, or if they do, the continue operating how the are with the expectation that when the really need a service, they can go and get it after it could be too late.

The business model just wasn’t there. Doing onesie-twosies jobs here and there hasn’t cutting it for me. So I finally decided to start collecting all the questions I get and support I basically provide for free. Before I start doing anything with this information, I wanted to see what questions people had and what there were really looking to know.


A podcast to help people get the best use and functionality out of their technology. 

Sounds easy right? Sort of, but people don’t know what they don’t know. Most don’t know that they carry all this power and utility in their pocket every day all day, and if they do, the vast majority do not have the slightest clue how to take advantage of it.

Technically Living is going to feature ideas, thoughts, and musings on how you can get the best use out of your technology based around specific and directed topics. Hopefully, about 50% of the episodes will feature a guest that uses technology surrounding a particular topic in a unique and productive way.

I really look forward to this journey I have started an I hope you all come along. 

You can find the Technically Living Podcast in any of the popular podcasting platforms linked above, and if you have any topic, specific apps, or web tools you would like to learn more about, please communicate them here and we will be sure to create an episode to address your questions.

With enough demand and interest in certain topics, not only will I give a general overview during an episode or interview, I will provide screencast and video tutorials on how to do exactly what is discussed in the episode.  

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Ross Wickman

Husband, Father, and owner @TactfulCloud. I help people better understand technology on the http://TechnicallyLivingPodcast.com . Not to mention a http://BusHitMyHouse.com