Why I'm deciding to start back up my podcast

It’s just time I guess.

Time for me to get back into building somewhat of a brand and authority in the technology space.

I can’t sit there and say that I’ve had the best quality podcast or content ever (far from it actually) but I can say I’m certain it’s helped me get noticed to some extent, build some connections online, and even aid in career advancement.

Technically Living, prior to giving up on it 2 years ago, had at the time what seemed to be above average listenership.

Still that wasn’t enough for me to push through. I made it more difficult than it needed to be like I do with everything.

This time around I am going to try to do things a little different. (I’ve also said that before)

By different I mean I:

  • not going to number (serialize) the episode titles

  • likely won’t tinker with perfection. Things like intro and outro timing.

  • will use tools that make the distribution more streamlined and automatic. A lot has changed in podcasting since I started Technically Living in 2016.

  • won’t censor myself. I’m not going to look for opportunities to swear but I’m going to talk as if I was having a passionate and confident conversation like I normally do. This means most if not all episodes will have the ‘explicit’ flag on them. I’m not going to say anything we didn’t hear as kids and for sure nothing kids today haven’t heard. Consider yourself warned for when listening in the car with kids if you get your undies in a wad over shit like that.

  • will forego major edits. That shit killed me last time. Taking out long pauses where I gathered my thoughts or stumbled. For some reason back then I actually cared what people thought of me.

  • plan to talk about more than just technology in life and business. I’m going to get back to the idea of and play on words around ‘technically living’. The notion that thanks to technology, are any of us really living? Is it our best life? How can we be better?

  • probably won’t ramble as much and try to keep episodes under 15 minutes.

The topics I want to cover for the most part are:

  • things I find interesting in technology. Might be new apps, web services, etc.

  • my views on technology and how it has impacted life and will continue

  • how technology can be used to build the career and/or life you want. Also how these tools have impacted my technology career.

  • my struggles as a dad with an itch to DO something on my own but with a ton of excuses for not accomplishing ANYTHING

  • the battle that comes with working a side gig

  • life in general as a husband, father, geek, and (entre/wantra)preneur

I might still have a guest or two but I plan on using the podcast as an audio blog. I’m still not great at writing and never will be so this just helps me share the information I want to get out in the ether regarding life with technology and a career that revolves around it.

If you don’t find any value in this. That’s ok. Go ahead and unsubscribe now. But I hope you will find something you can relate to regarding live, marriage, raising kids. looking for a new job, starting a new job. working with a team, leading a team, you name it.

If you know someone who might get a kick out of the new or slightly modified direction I’m going to take this podcast, please share.

Listen to this episode at: technicallylivingpodcast.com

Ross Wickman

Husband, Father, and owner @TactfulCloud. I help people better understand technology on the http://TechnicallyLivingPodcast.com . Not to mention a http://BusHitMyHouse.com