Unlimited accounts for your favorite services

DISCLAIMER: Please don't take this post the wrong way.  We here at Comrade Tech want to make sure that you always support and pay for services that you use regularly and get value from. They deserve to get paid for the service they provide.

Sometimes though there's an opportunity to use a service that is free (nothing is ever free BTW) but you are limited to the number of 'features' the service offers in their free plan. For instance Buffer. Buffer is a social media sharing app that allows you to connect to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. and schedule postings to go out at times you decide or allow Buffer to decide the optimal times. This is great because you can add a ton of posts to your 'buffer' and then Buffer will disseminate based on your preferences.

So what's the catch?

Buffer only allows you to schedule posts to 3 different accounts or account types. Example: Maybe you are connected to Facebook and you want to post to your own Profile wall, a Group wall, and a Page you manage. That is all three accounts right there but you are only connected to one social account. What if you wanted to schedule posts to Twitter as well? Well you have to remove one of the accounts in order to link to Twitter.

Or... Enter Google mail to save the day.

Google allows you to create aliases for your primary Gmail address. For example if your Gmail address is firstname.lastname@gmail.com you can create firstname.lastname+TechNews@gmail.com as an alias. 

So what does that have to do with accounts with apps like Buffer?

Buffer (like most services) requires email address verification to make sure there is a real person on the other end of an email address. When a service registers an email address the verification is sent. The reason why this works is because the '+' sign is allowed in the industry naming convention for an email address. Google recognizes this in their mail exchange servers and allows you to receive emails in a single inbox from a near infinite number of email addresses.

ADDED BONUS: You can use this functionality when signing up for Newsletters or Promotions and Gmail will help you filter these incoming messages even better as to not clutter your inbox. Neat huh?

Back to Buffer...

If you have exhausted all your accounts in the free plan for Buffer, you can create a 2nd, a 3rd, or more accounts using this naming convention: originalemail+buffer1@gmail.com, originalemail+buffer2@gmail.com, and on and on. If you haven't created any accounts like this yet HINT! HINT! - this is a great security practice for services that use email as a sole username for logon. Someone could get both your email address and password from a hack of a different service but you use a different email address for every service so another barrier to accessing your account a nefarious user would need to know the alias you used. Just an added layer of security.

Sorry. We got off topic again. So many great uses for this functionality.

By using this method you can take advantage of many services and manage them all with a single email address. Twitter is another great example. No need to go out and create or use a different email address for each Twitter profile. All you need to do is signup for a new Twitter account using brandemail+twitter@gmail.com. It works. Trust us.

We know first hand this works for Buffer and Twitter. There are many other service this will undoubtedly work for? Try them out and let us know. Post them in the comments or contact us so we can keep a list.

As we stated at the beginning for paid plan services, once you have found that a service is worth its weight, please be sure to subscribe to the service and give them the support they deserve.


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