Take every opportunity to embarrass yourself

One thing I wish I didn't do was remove all my dumbass posts that I previously had here at RossWickman.com. When I wrote those posts I did so for a reason. When I took them down I didn't just unpublish them, I completely deleted them. I was embarrassed by them. I wrote about a ton of stupid shit and that shit wasn't even well written. It was exactly that - shit.

I wrote about me and my struggles in life and entrepreneurship as if people would care and then felt stupid when I realized no one did. That was wrong of me. One of those posts mentioned how there is always someone watching you. People you'd least expect looking up to you. Those people may not have cared but I got my point across to them somehow. It was my opinion and I put it out there to produce content, share my thoughts, educate myself and then I took it all away.

I have some opportunities to stand in front of people and embarrass myself and I'd never want to take that back. Don't do what I did. I have even started projects to share with people that I eventually became embarrassed by. If you put something out there, work on it and poor your soul into it, leave it there. You wrote/did it for a reason and it deserves to live where you put it.

Take every opportunity to embarrass yourself. It just might get you noticed.

How have you embarrassed yourself?

Ross Wickman

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