Starting Over (Me and my principles)

For as long as I can remember I've been an entrepreneur or wanted to have my own profitable business. From lawn mowing and lemonade stands as a young child to trying to attach advertisements to a kite as a teenager and onto my own sole-proprietorship building webpages fresh out of high school, I was always working some angle to make money for myself. 

During college I slowed down, but never-the-less continued to think of new ideas and work on webpages on the side. This continued into my first full-time employment after graduation when I started Comrade Technology in 2010.  Finally at the end of 2011 I entered (or attempted to enter) the world of mobile apps, web apps, and the start-up eco-system boom. That's about the end of the beginning.


With Comrade Technology making just enough money to pay for itself I made and started to build a brand, an online personality in an effort to get noticed. For those that have been here before, you know that I had multiple sappy posts about how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, build an online business and be profitable. All my postings were themed around attempting to be successful and making money.

For a long time I was working hard at building a lot of nothing. So much so that I was causing friction in my relationship(s) and my personal well-being. Every moment where I had to do what life required of me instead of work on what I wanted, I would get agitated. It never seemed like there was enough time. Finally I had enough and when my wife and I got pregnant with our first child, I realized that I couldn't continue like this. It wouldn't be long and there would be something or someone that would require a lot more of my time.

Between building a new house preparing for a baby, and changing jobs I finally understood that there had to be a better way. I had already been reading daily devotionals (a wedding gift from my in-laws) but it took a little while to finally realize nothing can be forced. I started re-evaluating all the aspects of my life and came up with these 5 principles: FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FITNESS, and FINANCIAL.

These 5 principles have since helped me steer my life and maintain my sanity moving into this new phase of my life. So here I am with a new blog about the following:

  1. The 5 F's to Freedom (my 5 principles)
  2. Building online business and presence
  3. Social Media
  4. New and emerging technology
  5. and putting it all together as a parent

I know that is a lot to cram into one blog but I will do my best to keep it focused and interesting. If you have any request for posts or have any questions please send them to me here and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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