So I might be onto something

At least I think I have something I could turn into something else. No one gets rich overnight. I never expected to with this new experiment I have been trying out but I am starting to see a little potential and have even been asked to talk about it at 1 Million Cups in Yankton on May 25th. As I write this I don't even know what I am going to speak about but if you have noticed I've released 2 games to the App Store(s) this month.

I was re-introduced to a website over Easter from my brother-in-law who is dabbling in creating a webpage and online store for affiliate marketing. The site is called FLIPPA. I had heard about Flippa in late 2012 when I was working on and researching building apps on my own. I didn't really give it a thought at the time. It was apparently pretty popular and still is but the app Flipping Market has seemed to die down quite a bit. This is however, the quickest way to get into the app business and familiarize yourself with the process (more on that later). The quickest explanation I can give for Flippa is this: It is eBay for Mobile Apps and Websites. Essentially you can put bids in for the purchase of mobile apps, games, websites and domain names.

There are many terrible options listed and a majority of them are very inexpensive to start bidding on. On the 'flip' side (pun intended) there are some very expensive sites and apps that already have traffic and revenue generation. I have created, and I am testing some criteria for the optimal cost, analytics, and purchase of apps and sites. I am not going to go into the details here. You will have to check it out for yourself.

Anyway, a couple nights after digging around on the site, I stumbled upon a game where the bidding was very low and game looked fairly interesting so I downloaded it and began to play. I found myself hooked to the game play so I decided to bid. Ultimately I won the game for a very low cost. The next day it was transferred to my Apple Developer account and was in the App Store under my name. 

Details about that game can be found here:

I'm still testing this out and getting an amazing education in the process. "Why did I buy a game that was already created," you might ask. Simple. I wanted to generate revenue all the time. The ultimate entrepreneurial move. Make money when you are sleeping, working out, fishing, watching a movie. You get the gist. Am a making a ton of money? No not at all. But I will break even on my purchase in the next couple month. So from a percentages and ROI standpoint, thats a pretty solid investment. 

There is always the tiny possibility that it could get some great traction and really bring in some ad money like Flappy Bird which at its peak popularity was making $50,000 a day in ad revenue. I won't hold my breath.

SO... what do you need to do all of this?

For starters you need a developer account in whichever App Store you are going to be purchasing the app for.

Apple: $100 per year

Android: $25 one-time fee

You will also need a Mac for their development software 'xCode' and any other software that the app may have been developed in.

Willingness to learn, patience and accounts anywhere the developer is generating ad revenue from if they are already.

In sort, after winning the bid the app is transferred to your app store account and, if included in the winning bid, the source code. That is the important part. You can win a game without the source code which means the game is in your name but the original developer is the one making all the money, if any.

Once you have those 2 items, you will need to update any of the ad information in the apps and republish them to the App Store(s) before you beginning seeing any ROI.

I make that sound pretty simple but even for someone like me who has some experience, this isn't the easiest process and sometimes there are hang ups.

I will post more information about that, any updates, how-tos, and gotchas in the future. In the meantime I've had some people ask me "what ups?" and that's it.

I won't be leaving my job anytime soon but it is a great learning experience with some potential in different aspects.

If you have any question or want to know more, please contact me or comment below. I would love to know your questions, feedback and even help someone own an app of their own if they are interested.

Ross Wickman

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