Simple Calendar Sharing - Family, Friends, & Work

Easily Configure Shared Calendars With Family, Friends and Work

Staying organized with events and reminders across multiple accounts and contexts is very difficult. The busier people get and the more people take on, the harder it becomes. Especially if you are running a side gig or a busy entrepreneur not quite ready to take the leap and quit your full-time job.

This tutorial will help you create a single location to collect and view all events going on in your life, as well as your families, friends (if you wish), work, and side gig calendars. The important thing to note here is there are multiple ways to accomplish this. We want to provide you a solution that will be flexible and meet your needs on every device, every place of employment, and most importantly just work for you and your busy schedule.

This video focuses primarily on the use of Google Calendar so the only requirement is a Google Account. If you do not already have a Google Account we recommend getting one now.

This can be done on Apple iCloud however you will run into syncing issues for cross-platform support.

This video was created using a Macbook Pro and an iPhone, however, using Google Calendar allows you to easily port this over to Windows and Android devices very easily.

If I miss anything or if you have issue configuring on those devices please do hesitate to comment or email us and we will help you out as soon as possible.

  1. Create/Share a New Calendar or Share an existing
    1. Create new calendar
    2. Choose calendar settings
    3. Add People to the calendar via email address and select calendar permissions. 
    4. Add Facebook Events
      1. Go to and copy your personal events link
      2. Add new calendar using  'Add By Url' under 'Other Calendars' 
    5. For syncing to iDevices be sure to enable shared calendars by going to
  2. iCal on Mac
    1. Select Calendar Preferences
    2. Add Google Account
    3. Enable sync of Calendars and wait for shared calendars to appear
    4. If they do not appear, go to Account Settings and enable new calendar from the list.
    5. Add Facebook Events by adding Facebook Account in Account Settings
  3. Outlook 2016 on Mac
    1. Requires being a member of the Office Insider Program (not recommended).
  4. Outlook on Windows
    1. Download G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook
    2. Direct Download Link
    3. Enter in Google username and password
    4. Sync tool will sync
      1. Mail
      2. Calendar
      3. Contacts
      4. Notes
  5. Create new iCloud Calendar
    1. This will work only on Apple Devices and browsers. 
    2. Cannot sync to Outlook on Windows
    3. In iCal Select File -> New Calendar
    4. Name Calendar
    5. Right-Click on Calendar and share to additional iCloud account Email addresses.
  6. Mobile
    1. Recommend the Google Calendar App for iPhone and Android for all your Calendaring needs.
    2. iCal works great. Just don't forget to add your Google account in settings
    3. Outlook app is also great for both iOS and Android. Same is true about adding account
  7. Bouns
    1. Facebook Events app pulls in all calendars synced to your phone and includes Facebook Events.
    2. Other calendar links can be added in the same manner. (i.e. Eventbrite, Meetup, and more)

We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please comment here or contact us directly.

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