Rebooting my podcast - Technically Living

Every year I itch a little bit closer to getting ‘older.’ Every year I gain just a little bit more responsibility. Not that much though. Because as I lose some in part of my life, I gain a little more in others. Each time this happens, something in me triggers that says, “Hey, how about we take on just a little bit more.”

It’s interesting I know. I don’t get it. Why make things more difficult and complicated. I think it has something to do with my desire to continue to grow and evolve. I see a lot of people around me that just accept the status quo and live to a certain standard. Not talking down to that at all. I actually envy that. I wish I could just be satisfied and content with most areas of life. But I can’t.

You see my view on that is a little different than most probably. I believe the moment you accept things and become complacent or content, that is the moment things actually start deteriorating or regressing backward. Not staying the same at all. It’s a very slow process, hardly noticeable, but man... as soon as you wake up to it — it’s almost too late. You’ve put on 10-15 lbs., (and not the kind from a week vacation that is a little bloat and will lose 3/4 of it in the next week of getting back to normal life), putting 20k on a credit card, or find yourself not progressing in your career or vocation at all in the last 5-10 years. These things don’t happen quickly. It happens very slowly. It’s like the parable of a frog in a boiling pot of water.

I won’t bore you with any of that right now. I just wanted to announce that I’m going to fire back up my Technically Living Podcast. For anyone following along, I don’t expect you to commit to getting back into it but I just thought you should know. Hell, if I were you, I'd suspect it would only be a few episodes before I pack all back in.

So, here is a brief test post to make sure everything is working prior to the new ‘season.’ I’ve made some changes. Had many different thoughts on how to go about all of this but figured I’d keep it pretty basic.

More details to listen to here on this episode:

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