My First Post (for the 3rd time)

I did it again. I can't really tell you why yet, aside from the fact that I just haven't found my groove, 'flow', niche, or even myself honestly. As my domain is name is up for renewal again I realize that I purchased at the end of 2012. I thought I was a pretty neat bigshot back then. My own name as a domain and just venturing into the wonderful world of entrepreneurialism. Wow, was that a big mistake. A ton of lessons learned and shifts in direction.

So... I'm starting fresh again. A brand new blog (which I said I wasn't going to do) finally with a theme of sorts. Back to creating content, at least here at Content around the things I have been spending most of my time focusing on:

... and maybe a little technology sprinkled in here and there.

Most importantly what it's like being me (Type-A, overachiever, high-strung, etc) pursuing an entrepreneurial pipedream with a strict priority on faith, husbandhood, and fatherhood.

I do a lot and sometimes (well most of the time) I overwhelm myself. Recently, since the beginning of 2017, I have reset and taken some time to realize what life should really be about. 

HERE, on this blog, I plan on sharing what that is actually like.  I'm going to also try to do that to the extent that writing and sharing the information doesn't become too much all on its own.

So with that, I think I am going to stop there. I'll share more in the future about starting over and old posts.

Welcome to my new blog. 


Ross Wickman

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