I love what I do. Again

I've been very fortunate in my life and career to get to do things that force me to learn or at the very least allow me the opportunity to learn. But... Like many people I've also have had stretches where I dreaded what I was doing, didn't feel like I was making enough of an impact, or feel like I was really moving forward. 

I just came out of one of those pits recently and have been given an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and enhance my skill set while working towards something of profound impact.

This new role that I am involved in sent me to Las Vegas this last week to take in as much of the Amazon Web Services re:Invent Conference as I could.

It was exhausting...

but eye opening and exciting. This was my first trip and I do not think it will be my last after learning everything I did in four very short days. I had a ton of fun and I got jacked about the future and projects I will be getting to work on and helping people build in their life and small business. 

Sometimes you get stuck in a bit of a rut and I've learned from my last two that if you hang on for just another day, eventually something good will come of your situation. Weathering that low is hard and can be tiresome. I know for me it was affecting how I was feeling and acting in my home life as well as those around me. It's not right to place blame on a particular situation for your happiness. Ultimately you and you alone are responsible for that.

I look forward to this new opportunity and sharing everything I learn in the process. I am thankful for everything and everyone that brought me to this place and I am writing this as a reminder to myself and everyone else that the next time you're feeling like you're in a bad spot, you're only a few steps away from something much better.


Ross Wickman

Husband, Father, and owner @TactfulCloud. I help people better understand technology on the http://TechnicallyLivingPodcast.com . Not to mention a http://BusHitMyHouse.com