I hate blogging

Have you noticed?

That's the main reason I tried a podcast for a year.

But I know I need to do it so I'm not setting out to tell you what my blog goals are for 2018 and beyond.

I'm just going to try and do better. 

I need to write down my thoughts and experiences in order to better document what I am learning and what I believe should be shared with others either in my current position or for those curious on how to get here.

That sounds weird. As if I believe people are really striving to get to where I am. Maybe after a few posts that might be the case.

I've tried this whole 'reset' thing in the past where I delete everything I've written to try and focus on a more narrow set of topics. This will be the 4th attempt. I just can't do it. At least in my life, all these topics work in concert.

About 9 months ago I wiped everything. All old blog posts and started fresh. Just recently I shut down all my old technology sites and consolidated to a single personal brand.

Not so sure how that will go but here is my plan for organizing the content moving forward when it actually gets written.

Nearly 100% of my articles will be posted at RossWickman.com.
That goes for personal 'updates' and life lessons learned, as well as technology how-tos or updates, and finally, the technical career orientated posts. 

For syndication, the really 'good' posts will be shared to respective Medium publications.

The personal life lessons and stories of failure or success as a husband and father can be found here on my Medium profile.

The technology how-tos will be shared in a Medium Publication titled 'This IT is Easy.' Here you will find the stepped approach of how or why to accomplish certain things people have either asked me about in the past or tasks I think everyone should be doing with their technology.

The more career orientated information I feel is valuable will also be shared in a Medium Publication titled 'Hardcoded.' This is something new I want to try based on past experiences and some of my current obligations. Hardcoded will be somewhat of a narrative of the view 'From the Top of OPs' I will call it. 

If I had to be excited about writing at all, this would be why. In the last 6 months, I have learned a lot about myself in terms of leadership, grit, and most recently management. I also believe it is important to understand how I got myself in this situation. I feel it is my responsibility to warn people or at the very least, prepare them.

I hope you enjoy following me on this new journey. 

Ross Wickman

Husband, Father, and owner @TactfulCloud. I help people better understand technology on the http://TechnicallyLivingPodcast.com . Not to mention a http://BusHitMyHouse.com