Google iOS Keyboard — Display poop emoji when you type poo

Maybe I am a little tardy to the party but the second we saw that Google had a custom iOS keyboard, we were on-board. It’s called Gboard.

This thing is great! You can search from anywhere. You can send ridiculous gifs to anywhere you are sending a message. And not just any random gif, you get whatever you want whenever you want it. It is a wonderful beast.

The best part is, like always, Google reads your mind and presents you with an emoji before you even realize you need it.

For example:


Pretty sweet huh?

I did not see that coming. Then it popped (careful not to type ‘poo’) up for ear, love, and much more. I’ll let you find them all. I think that is part of the fun.

Did I mention it is a way better swipe experience than Swift Key or Swipe? #IMO this is just another fantastic way for Google to take over iOS.

Sure we miss all the great ‘Ok Google” features built-in to Android but this helps a ton. Siri is so far removed from the functionality at this point if I didn’t have an Apple Watch, her name would never be said.

Anyway… I highly recommend you download the new Google iOS Keyboard, make it your one and only to avoid confusion and anger with Apple constantly reverting back to their default Qwerty and emoji keyboards, and then start serving up some amazing gifs in all your chat platforms.

Let us know what you think about it. You can download it here. Enjoy.

Also, Who knows yet if it is ice cream or is it poop?

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