Finding my 'one' thing. And why you should too.

I've been gone awhile. I reset everything and here's why.

This year start off like every other year previous. I set goals and resolutions, or whatever you want to call them, but this year was different. In past years, I set out to achieve something, build, create, deign, you name it. 2014 started off by me saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity which was quickly railroaded. 2016 was the year of 'resetting,' and then creating lots of content. That didn't go over so well. Then, 2017 I decided it was time to stop it all. I had had enough. I have had mini breakdowns in the past but this time I realized something had to give.

I had taken on way too much since I hopped aboard on the entrepreneurial train years ago. Everything just kept piling on and nothing was ever getting completed. Full of ideas and execution but ultimately overwhelming myself.  I was constantly frustrated by not having the time to work on what I wanted, or to achieve the results I desired. This year I started by dropping it all.  I had one single resolution – to focus on one thing at a time.

Sounds like a no-brainer to anyone learning and achieving in the personal growth space. “The One Thing,” a great book by Gary Keller, probably comes to mind. Easier said than done, right? Well, I finally decided to do it. Not just focus on one thing in each area of achievement. I mean one thing from only one area of achievement until completion. I dropped everything. My podcast episodes, web page updates, side development and all other work.

You see, my areas of achievement outside of the family, are personal health/fitness AND personal business growth. I really like the ‘sexiness’ of the start-up ecosystem. I also want to build a fairly modest lifestyle business. One that pays the bills and allows me to work on what I really want. That is studying, testing, and building web technology solutions and tools. I was working on that 3-4 early mornings out of the week and sometimes late evenings, in between all the rigmarole that goes with being a responsible adult, husband, and parent.  The other mornings I was in the gym and constantly struggling to decide which should take priority since both pretty much equal. I rarely took a morning off from doing one or the other.

Fortunately, late last year I started a new job that was really filling my square for pursuing technology. I became a cloud architect working on projects in the AWS cloud every day where there is more to learn than I could possibly fit into a lifetime. It is pretty much a startup. One where I don't have to worry if I'm going to get a check this week or not. I can leave work at the end of an 8-hour day and be excited for it in the morning. Jealous? It took some time to find it and you can too. More on that in a later re/post.

Since I was given this blessing, it was much easier for me to decide to focus strictly on personal fitness. After all, I was in a new year’s fitness challenge with friends until April 22nd. This is what was making the morning decision so hard for me. Work towards winning the challenge and getting closer to my ultimate fitness goals, or be building my lifestyle business. My decision was basically made for me. No more deciding if I was going to the gym at 0500 or working in the office. It was off to the gym, every day.

I had found my 'one' thing. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, it wasn't putting me in a direction of making life easier to do what I wanted, but I found a place where I could accept putting everything on hold. 

Putting everything on hold is tough. If you are anything like me, and if you found me I’m sure you are, stopping what you are doing and hitting pause on your goals can really cause some mental stress and anxiety.

Trust me when I say this. You CAN do it and you NEED to do it. At least once in a while. Drop your focus down to what is required immediately around you. Everything else can wait. Once you get a couple weeks away from what you originally scheduled, it gets easier and easier to accept that you are taking a timeout.


For me, I chose an undetermined amount of time to get back into things (for sure after the challenge) and only take on thing on at a time. I've been happier and less stressed ever since. Resetting this blog is me slowly starting back up now that the fitness challenge is coming to an end. And I intend on being very careful what I say yes to.

What is it that you need to hit pause on? Or what have you been neglecting to achieve your personal goals? Share them here. Let's have a discussion about them.

I highly recommend you take at least 30 days and let it sit.  All of it!


Ross Wickman

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