Finding and accepting balance

There are three things that are the most coveted. 

Ask anyone and you’ll know. More money, More time, More(better) health. Of those three things you can choose what ultimately is the most important.

You can prioritize what you will focus on the most. But be careful how you review the progress you make. You may have two of the three locked down, but struggled with the third. You could focus all your effort on one and you may never get the results you were hoping for with the other two. 

Creating (and more importantly accepting) balance should be your number one priority. At no point should one of those take more than 50% precedence over the others. That means if any one of those drops below 25% priority, you need to recalibrate.

The thing to pay the most attention to here is while you might be looking at the Jones’s with all their fancy shit -- bigger house, and nicer cars, they are (I am sure of it) looking right back at you wishing they had a little bit more time in their day or 20 lbs. less around their waste.

Most people only focus on one of those three things at a time and then never get around to adjusting for the other two. That could be you. You could have let your health slip while staying up late, getting less sleep, skipping exercise, and ultimately eating a poorer diet. Or on the flip side, you could have drove yourself crazy with the strictest of diets and spent 6 hours a week in the gym.

To each their own, but you know exactly what needs to be done to get the results you want in each category. You just have to decide if you are willing to face the consequences of letting the other two slip a little (sometimes a lot). You make a decision every day to prioritize what is important to you. You can balance, or you can focus all your efforts on one category.

How are you going to decide what is important to you in the long run?


I want a lifestyle business - helping people with technology. 

I also want to avoid the infamous ‘dad bod.’ 
I want to find a way to sustain a relatively low body fat percentage - while being able to enjoy a beer while I grill.

I don’t want to have to spend 6 hours a week in the gym. Because I want more time.

What I want most is freedom. 

Freedom to make money how I want - from who I want - when I want - spend it how I want - on what I want.

That freedom is tied to those three things: Health, Wealth, and Time

If you haven’t caught on yet, you can see that there is a continuous cycle here.

You need money to do some (not all) of the things you want.

Time to do those things. (i.e. travel to new places, expand on a hobby, or be present at every {insert child activity here}).

Health, flexibility, and mobility to be able to take the time and spend that money.

I by no means am a model of health. I do however take a lot of steps towards longevity, flexibility, mobility. I want to be better off in the other two categories and I know how to get there but I refuse to do what I know will get me there faster.

I could trade my 45 minutes 3x/wk of gym time and add that to the hours I spend trying to build a lifestyle business. I could get up even earlier than I already do, stay up much later, or I can continue to build balance, accept where I am, and realize that someone with the perfect physique or all the money they need is looking at me wishing they had what I had. Even though that trade 'could' be temporary, I haven’t been willing to take the risk of not coming back to address the other two.

Whatever you decide to prioritize in your life, you have to accept the results and deal with them. Everyday you make a choice on where to put your focus.

Do I wish I was further along in building a business? ABSOLUTELY! But I have decided that Health and Wellness have the biggest ROI.

How are you choosing to prioritize your time? How do you work toward your goals of a optimal lifestyle? Do you know someone who is watching you wishing they had ‘it’ figured out the way you do? Are you watching someone else?

Let me know in the comments or message me personally so we can talk about it.


Ross Wickman

Comrade Technology, Sioux Falls, USA

Husband, Father, and owner @ComradeTech. I help people better understand technology on the . Not to mention a