Don't fall for this

To the novice computer user, a call from a "Microsoft Certified Professional" about your computer contacting a server with viruses could really concern a person. Almost enough to get them to pay for a non-existent or even a free service. Late in 2012, I received a call from a customer who had this exact situation happen to them. IT WAS A SCAM.

The particular "company" at the time, Microsoft PC Support Online, called my customer and claimed her computer was infected and transmitting information. Just this week this exact thing happened to me. Twice. I, of course, didn't fall for it, overreacted, and hung up. 

The second time I was prepared. 

I received a call from an Unavailable number, answered it, and spoke to an individual, 'Sam,' clearly Indian, from who told me he was a support tech to clean my computer infection. I told Sam I had a meeting to get to and would call him back. He gave me their phone number (1-800-870-1306). I prepared a Windows Vista Virtual Machine, brand new, NO viruses or issues, and called back an hour later. Here is my call back.

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I really didn't think they would call me back but they did. Here is the 35 minute call where I let them walk through all the steps of trying to scare me into getting their "Support" which included me paying for a free Microsoft Software for virus protection. They use free, legit remote access tools: TeamViewer, and AmmyRemote to access your computer where they are given full control.
It is quiet the first 30 seconds where I didn't have speaker phone on.
I try to act surprised and have a little fun at the same time.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

This process is very common and for most people can seem a little intimidating but to be clear, no company will ever call you to fix your computer. Do not ever fall for this. These types of solicitations happen all the time. People are Social Engineered very easily. Most of the things they tried to show me could legitimately concern an individual who doesn't know any better.  At the end of the the pervious audio file I almost reverse Social Engineer 'Sam' to give me his password so I could use the same tool to take over his computer. 

After refusing to pay for their service and 'Sam' not giving me his password he finally hung up.
I later called back and harassed them. Below is that 6 minutes of a call I had with Patrick trying to get back in touch with Sam before it gets a little heated. I try to get some information about the company and individuals behind the scam. I even try to find out how I can get employed with them so I can start selling their garbage.

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Here is some of the information I gathered throughout this experience. Please use as you wish. These organizations may or may not take your Credit Card information for anything more than your initial payment of their 'Support' payment; however, the idea is they charge individuals who don't know better for services that are not legit. If you ever receive one of these calls, try to get some call back information, go as far as you can with out them getting control of your computer, and forward it to us here at Comrade Technology. We will take care of the rest.

1. Website: (
2. Site hosted with Click for WhoIS
3. IP 1: India -
4. IP 2: Netherlands -
5. TeamViewer Session IDs: 492966297 & 2039947620

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04/23/2013 18:43

That was awesome!



04/23/2013 19:18

Thanks Phillip! It was a pretty entertaining call.


Bradley Nord

04/23/2013 19:56

I am so glad that I never use microsoft products anymore. I only use linux. I wish the entire world would use linux.



04/23/2013 19:59

I plan on calling them back and going through the whole process again with a Mac just to see if they have any tactics or if they neglect them all together.


Crystal Jones

04/24/2013 08:42

Good for you this was good to listen to. I wasn't even able to understand what the dude was saying. Patrick...too funny!!



Davin L-G

05/13/2013 10:18

Thanks for posting this, especially their URL. This organization's scam is alive and well, I got the same call on 5/8. I assumed it was a scam but then wasn't quite sure...and so I got their web site and phone number so I could search for similar reports based on that. I didn't find a lot (apart from their site), but I did find your blog here.


Mo Mot

06/20/2013 19:26

I just got the call today and acted scared so the stupid SOB believed me and i asked for his phone number and name so that i can call him back and he kept asking are you going to call me back are you going to call me back LOL
shouldnt there be a law penalizing these acts??? 
How the hell do they get our phone numbers????


Mo Mot

06/20/2013 19:29

the info i get from him was 
no. 8889922187 
Name: james from online computer experts 
Address: NY clifton park street number 1 next to Mc Donald's
(presonally the next to Mc D made me laugh like hell)


Not Punked

06/14/2014 13:53

Got a call from Emanda from OS Support saying they were receiving information from my computer that my PC was infected with viruses and that she could help me out. I queried as to how she could know and I asked her to tell me what operating system I was running and she stuttered and said she didn't have that kind of information. I pushed for how she was legit if she couldn't tell me that and then asked her for a call back number, which she gave as 800-870-1306. Scam still alive and kicking.



06/15/2014 09:06

Unreal! That number disconnected or obviously changed for a little while but it looks like they are back. I may have to harass them again.
Thanks for the update.


So Tired of Calls

01/20/2015 11:24

So tired of these calls!!!! I am now getting them on a daily basis on my home phone and my cell phone. Today the guy's name was James Parker (with an indian accent) and he went so far as telling me I need to send them my computer! He said that my local server used microsoft silver and that my computer was sending them error notices that I have a trojan virus on my computer. I asked him for a call back number and it was the same - 800-870-1306. The last call which I recieved just now was at 8:56 am, but the last 10 calls I've recieved have been between 9:00pm and as late as 11:09pm.

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