Collect and Organize Content with Feedly

Feedly is a great tool for aggregating data into one location. It doesn't really matter what category of information you are trying to collect, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of blogs sharing information about whatever interests you. Keeping bookmark after bookmark in your browser is ridiculous. You'd spend more time waiting for the web pages to load than you would actually consuming the content.

Every blog is a feed. An RSS Feed for instance. What Feedly allows you to do is take the address of any RSS or Atom feed and create a collection to collect all the new posts applied to the feed.

For instance, if you are tired of going to to read the latest posts, you can add this link:

as a source inside of Feedly and create a group to categorize the content either as its own group or with other similar sources of information. You can also search inside of Feedly for popular blogs and content for easy addition to a collection.

This doesn't seem like that fantastic of a feature, but if you are someone that gets a lot of specific information from many different sources, this is a great way to organize it and keep it all in one place. Maybe you are doing a lot of research on one topic and want to get the point of view from 5 different blogs. You can collect all the blogs posts from each of the blogs all in one space.

I use it to collect all the different technology and entrepreneurial blogs that I like to get articles from. Feedly saves me time by listing all the latest post headlines so I don't have to go to 15 different websites to get the updates.

Just a quick scroll through all the headlines and I can open up the articles that seem of interest to me without having to bounce through a bunch of pages. 

If you want to save an article for offline reading later, you can save it from Feedly to a tool like Pocket (or many others) and have it for later.

I highly recommend you check out Feedly. This is a great tool to organize news and updates from pretty much any source and will help you stay sane and up to date.

The come back here and let us know what some of your favorite feeds are.

Do you have your own blog? Here is how you can optimize it for Feedly:

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