Blogging is so hard

If you aren't a natural writer blogging is hard. Really hard actually. The downside of blogging is coming up with content frequently enough to keep readers engaged and not lose them the first time you miss your publish window or don't post for a little extra longer than usual. 

You want to create content of value but you need to know what people want first. It is a vicious cycle of finding people, sharing what they want to know more about, and using that content to hopefully gather more people. While trying to figure all that out I realize I share a lot of shit no one cares about. That's ok, that content is part of my brand as Ross Wickman, but it might lose people that were interested in the other stuff.

The bad thing is you have to create content to be found and provide value to keep readers coming back.  And that is when we're back into the vicious circle. A depressing cycle.

In the past could never stay motivated to write about things I thought provided value cause even when you feel like you provide value, it feels like no one is paying attention. That is why blogging (and blogging frequently) is so hard.

The people that don't know you can't find you easily.

The people that you are writing for don't realize they need you yet.

And the people who care about you most won't listen to you anyway. 

But I've finally decided no of that matters. I will keep creating content now. I realized in the past I was so impatient.  Being prolific is my new plan. Podcasts, videos and blog posts all for content creation.  

A big push for me to do the Technically Living podcast is it has really helped me find a new way to put myself out there and generate multiple streams of content. 

Creating content that provides value (for someone at least), patiently waiting, and building a community is the only way to get the life I'm striving for. 

So in order to better understand what the people who are following me want to know about, I have created a Technically Living Facebook Group and Technically Living Slack Channel that you can sign up for here and engage with myself and the community we will build together

Any of your feedback is helpful and I really appreciate. I look forward to seeing in either location or both.

Also, if you haven't already, please check out my new podcast - Technically Living on iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher, or Google Play.

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