Another Cross-Platform App Released

I've launched another mobile game through Comrade Technology call Techno Jump. This game is cross-platform this time so if you have an Android OR an iPhone you can download it. The game is simple and somewhat frustrating. For the most part, you are challenging yourself. You can watch videos to earn rewards and the ability to re-skin your character as well as be able to pick up where you get caught and die. 

Please let me know in the comments what you think about this game or Follow us on Facebook. Things you think should be changed, adjusted or added. 



Tap on the left to do a small jump and tap on the right to do a long jump.

Earn 1 point every short jump and two points every long jump.|

If you jump and miss a tile platform you lose!

Try to do as many jumps as you can while running faster than Mr. Saw.

Who will unlock all the rad skins? Use the points you earn to purchase new skins for your player! No in-app purchases

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